Large Metal Planter Edge Metal Planter 18cm


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Leaf Design metal planter. Measures: 18cm tall x 22cm x 22cm. The overall measurement is given at the tallest point as measured from the floor. Metal. This metal planter measures 22cm wide x 18cm high. It is made of metal with a hammered copper finish. The inner diameter is 20cm (so any of our plants with a pot diameter less than this will fit perfectly). These planters are all hand made in a rustic finish with intentional minor imperfections. As all these planters are hand made there are minor differences from one to another and each one is slightly unique. The price is for the planter only – but we have included some pictures to show how this would look with a couple of our plants to give an idea of size (both plants are 60cm high and are available separately). Intended for indoor use. Can be used outside but needs to be protected from extremes of weather.

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