Artificial Fern Plant Metal & Planter 60cm


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Leaf Design artificial plant. Measures: 60cm tall x 40cm x 30cm. The overall measurement is given at the tallest point as measured from the floor. This plant comes in a Ceramic planter, metal stand.60cm artificial fern plant potted in planter with metal stand. Realistic fern in a decorative ceramic planter with metal stand- ready to display staight out of the box. Leaves have individually shaped fronds. The stems are wired and the leaves can be shaped to fit your space. As we have the fern arranged in our photos it measures 60cm x 40cm x 30cm. The decorative ceramic gold planter measures 12cm (h) x 14cm (w). The metal stand is 23cm tall. The leaves are plastic. The ceramic decorative planter is topped with fixed pebbles for an attractive- low maintenance finish. The planter and stand are two separate items and can be used together or separately- they are not fixed.

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